We are but energy moving through these vessels…

Energy Medicine is an ancient practice that utilizes the natural healing process of healingthe body to achieve balance. It can be practiced as an effective alternative treatment modality to address a broad range of physical, mental, and emotional imbalances.

Reiki and Shamanic healing tools are utilized to facilitate the natural healing process. In addition, home practices are created to help maintain and sustain positive changes made throughout the treatment sessions.

Benefits of Energy Medicine

Overall benefits of Energy Medicine include:

  • The cleansing and re-balancing of the chakra or energy centers, the auric field, the physical, mental, and emotional bodies
  • The release of heavy, stuck energy, and destructive patterns
  • An increase in the movement of life force energy, vitality, and connection to Nature

Services Offered

I. Individual Sessions

sageAn Energy Medicine treatment plan includes a:

  1. The first session is for assessment and consultation.
  2. The second session for specific treatment.

After these two initial sessions, weekly or monthly sessions are recommended for sustainment of change and continual growth.

II. Group Sessions

Energy Medicine groups are a great way to continue deep self-work with support from a community of individuals also on their own healing path. Groups run once a month for sixty minutes and are formed either on an as needed basis or as requested.