Meditation Groups



There are many paths humans travel on the search for truth. Yogis, mystics, and sages of old have been utilizing the practice of meditation cross-culturally for thousands of years on the search for truth.

Meditation is a practice that engages a person in this profound search, a journey that eventually transcends the person beyond the boundaries of the Egoic Self.

Today, there exist many different kinds of meditation with various sets of practices and potential outcomes. One underlying theme is the use of awareness and attention in ways that promote an internal focal shift.

Through the practice of meditation, individuals are guided into a deeper understanding and awareness of the:

1. Egoic Self or the individual self; and the
2. Transpersonal Self or others, the world, and beyond.

Meditation group sessions are offered as way to embark on this profound internal search. Groups run once a month for sixty minutes and are formed either on an as-needed basis or as requested.

Benefits of Meditation Groups

Stress reduction
Mental clarity
Emotional stability
Insight into one’s soul purpose
Clarity into practical daily life changes
Reduction of physical, mental, and emotional pain and suffering
Increased understanding of the Egoic Self and Transpersonal Self
Insight and understanding into one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions
Ability to hold and accept difficult thoughts and feelings as they arise

Meditation Groups

I. Mindfulness Meditation Groups

Mindfulness meditation is a practice of paying attention purposefully, in the present moment, with non-judgmental awareness of our moment to moment experience. It is a practice in which all thoughts and feelings are observed and acknowledged as they arise to gain clarity and insight.

Through this awareness, practitioners build their container and capacity to hold their inner world, providing the ability to more readily work through pain and suffering.

buddha hands

It is a form of meditation that plainly focuses awareness on posture, breath, and noting which inherently encourages one to sit with what is present.

Practitioners of mindfulness meditation aim to cultivate self-awareness and a nonjudgmental, loving, kind, and compassionate feeling toward themselves and others.

Mindfulness meditation group sessions focus on sitting with what is while holding particular qualities for proper development. Through this process, the witness consciousness of the individual arises and much that had previously been unseen comes into awareness allowing the possibility of conscious change to take place.

II. Metaphysical Meditation Groups

The word Metaphysics is a combination of two words – Meta, meaning over and beyond – and physics which is the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy. Thus, the combination of both words can be translated to mean over and beyond the traditional Newtonian laws of physics.

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that deals with both the cause and the nature of being. It is an exploration of reality,  the search for truth, purpose, and meaning in life, the inquiry of relationship between human, mind, and the Universe, which leads to traversing the age-old fundamental questions of all – “who am I; what am I; where have I been; where am I going; what is  my purpose; what is the purpose to all of this?”

Meditation, according to the spiritual meaning of the term, is not a process of the mind, but rather a process of the spirit. Metaphysical meditation, therefore, is the practice of utilizing specific tools for the Soul Consciousness to emerge.

Some of the tools utilized include:

*Guided Visualizations
*Sound Healing
*Mantra and Chanting
*Decrees and Affirmations

Practitioners of metaphysical meditation aim to cultivate clear inner sight and wisdom, utilizing the knowledge gained to benefit all forms of life on earth, thus becoming a way of life and a living embodiment of spiritual philosophy.

Metaphysical meditation group sessions are a great way to support a personal meditation practice and build community with other like-minded individuals. Various metaphysical themes are chosen throughout the seasons as a means to guide practitioners through their own life cycles.