Psychotherapy Sessions

I. Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is composed of 1:1 psychotherapy sessions held between the patient and the therapist. Both individuals work together to formulate a treatment plan that assists in the overall reduction of internal suffering.

This suffering can manifest itself in various forms like problematic behaviors, somatic or physical reactions, re-occurring thoughts, overwhelming emotions, and limiting belief systems that negatively impact one’s life.

Much self-growth is possible through processing and understanding both our past history and our current fears leading us to improve our relationship with ourselves, others, and the world around us.

It is a journey that can help us become more conscious and increase our capacities for acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, peace, joy, spiritual connection and love.

Sessions tend to vary in content according to what is happening in the present moment, therefore, experiences within sessions will vary accordingly. Both short-term and long-term therapy is available for adults. Individual sessions run the length of sixty minutes once a week. Referrals and additional treatment resources are made on an as-needed basis.

II. Group Therapy

Group therapy is comprised of a small group of individuals who are experiencing similar issues and who come together to share their problems and concerns.

While it is not unusual to feel uneasy or embarrassed when first joining a group, typically members will begin to develop feelings of trust in the group and will benefit from experiencing a great deal of relief at the opportunity to talk with others who are experiencing similar problems.

Group members are able to share strengths and difficulties, able to help one another through this sharing process, and also stand to learn that they are not alone.

Each member learns more about themselves by observing how they interact with others in the group setting. Thus, the group serves as a microcosm of the macrocosm allowing for much learning of Self to take place.

Groups typically range from three to nine members, tend to run the length of sixty minutes once a week, and are formed either on an as-needed basis or as requested.

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