Transpersonal Psychotherapy


Psychotherapy is the process of exploring, clarifying, and understanding the various positive and negative patterns that form who we are. Through this process, we learn how our thoughts and emotions affect both our lives and the lives of others.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy is a whole-person psychology that works with the ego structure or personality, as in traditional psychotherapy, but also works with the beyond-ego structure or beyond the individual personality. This provides the opportunity to heal and transform the egoic self and connect to the transpersonal self effectively contextualizing the Self into the greater whole.

With this awareness, we can begin to free ourselves from historical conditioning and make conscious daily choices to change our lives in ways that best serve ourselves and the world at large. Freedom of the Self comes from this deep process.

Many individuals seeking therapy here have had unusual and out of the ordinary Exceptional Human Experiences (EHEs) characterized by the field of parapsychology as anomalous experiences. Oftentimes these experiences, which are actually quite normal in everyday life, are often ignored, devalued, pathologized, and often just forgotten.

Individual Psychotherapy Sessions

Individual psychotherapy sessions are composed of 1:1 sessions held between the patient and therapist. Both individuals work together to formulate a therapeutic plan to assist in the overall reduction of pain and suffering.

This suffering can manifest itself in various forms like problematic behaviors, somatic or physical reactions, re-occurring thoughts, overwhelming emotions, and limiting belief systems that negatively impact one’s life.

Incredible self-growth is possible through processing and understanding both our history and current fears leading us to improve our relationship with ourselves, others, and the world. It is a journey that can help us become more conscious and increase our capacities for acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, peace, joy, spiritual connection, and love.

The therapeutic relationship between the patient and the therapist is paramount and the foundational structure of the deep work that emerges. A safe and confidential space is created to better understand one’s inner world. Each patient is treated with dignity and respect and one’s individual process is honored by moving at a pace that balances one’s wants with one’s needs.

Sessions tend to vary in content according to what is happening in the present moment, therefore, experiences within sessions will vary accordingly. Individual sessions run the length of fifty minutes once a week. Referrals and additional holistic resources are made on an as-needed basis.