Within the field of psychology, the wellness movement began in the early 1960s as an effort to move away from the disease-model approach that was prevalent at the time.

This movement gave rise to the third-force of psychology or humanistic psychology which came into being with an alternative model that approached the human being from a more holistic point of view.

From this pivotal historical shift in working with others, the fourth-force of psychology or transpersonal psychology was born to further speak to the multifaceted layers of each human being that stretched beyond the egoic self and into the interconnectedness of all life.

Wellness Educational Programs

An essential component of the wellness movement is the creation and implementation of holistic educational programs that have a lasting impact on organizational structures.

Two programs that have been developed to meet this are:

Both programs work co-creatively in assisting individuals to consciously create and maintain an atmosphere that promotes a wellness-orientated model in which all individuals can freely work and learn together.

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