Yoga Teacher Education

To know our Light we must also know our Shadow…

Training for Yoga Teachers

Both individual supervision and continuing education (CEU’s) in the format of group workshops are provided for yoga teachers to assist in the transmutation of patterns that result in the establishment of deep therapeutic connections with students on a soul consciousness level.

In this study, both our light and shadows are explored in a nurturing and compassionate way to assist in the allowance of awareness to emerge and in the conscious letting go of ways that no longer serve each yoga teacher.

I. Individual Supervision

Individual supervision is an intensive 1:1 training where yoga teachers are deeply assisted in working through their own shadows to understand the underlying assumptions made throughout the teaching process, to better serve themselves and therefore, their students.

Through this process of learning, teachers become highly attuned to themselves, their students, and the room, allowing for more space to exist within each moment, thus allowing for prana to flow freely and work its natural process out within each person.

II. Group Workshops

The purpose of group workshops is to assist yoga teachers in first, bringing awareness to what motivates speech and action when teaching and secondly, to building and fine-tuning the self to allow for a freer expression of the soul while teaching. Yoga teachers receive CEU’s through the Yoga Alliance via YACEP.


Group workshops are as follows:

  • The Art of Assisting
  • Holding Therapeutic Space
  • Integrating Yogic Philosophy
  • The Alchemy of Yoga
  • Speaking from your Authentic Self
  • Working with Energy Anatomy
  • The Art and Science of Sequencing
  • Integrating Pranayama Practices
  • Building the Art of Observational Skills
  • The Power of Mantra and Sound
  • Therapeutically Working with Mudras, Bandhas, and Kriyas
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